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Corporate news

Buckle up for the BA & Beyond Conference at AE Leuven

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with IIBA and BA & Beyond for their upcoming BA & Beyond Conference at AE Leuven. Mark your calendars for
May 22-23, as we anticipate a strong & diverse program, welcoming numerous international BA specialists for this 6th edition already.

What’s in store for you?

The Conference will be connecting core BA competencies such as Process Analysis and Requirements Management with emerging domains, including Customer Experience Design and Product Ownership. Additionally, it aims to bridge the gap between analysis on the one hand, and strategy, architecture and agile methodologies on the other.

This gathering is designed to arm you with insights, best practices and practical tools you can start using right away. So, get ready to enhance your business analysis skills.

AE Experts on stage

And of course, some of our AE experts will be present that day. On Monday May 22, Joris Hias, a passionate problem explorer and solutioneer who is eager to tackle complex problems, will take the stage during an espresso talk on "Product discovery: Beyond the theoryIf you’re looking to gain some insights in Product Discovery and its implementation, join this session!

You can also meet up with our AE colleagues Stijn Van Schoonlandt, Reinout Vanhaelewyn and Robrecht David at some of the coffee corner conversations that are scheduled during both days. Don’t hesitate to have a chat with them!

Thanks to the BA & Beyond Conference, we can proudly showcase our longstanding and deep-rooted connection to the BA profession. We are excited and are hoping to spark new BA relationships & connections during this 2-day event.

Explore the complete program and secure your spot by registering now at