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Corporate news

Mediahuis logs in at AE for new CIAM platform




Mediahuis engages AE to manage the implementation of a new Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform. The choice of platform was the Auth0 Identity Platform. The program fits with Mediahuis' ambitious steps in terms of digital transformation. Internationally, more than 30 brands within the Mediahuis group will use the new platform.

As an Auth0 implementation partner, AE guides the strategic preparation process and realizes the rollout and integration of the Auth0 platform within the existing application landscape of Mediahuis. For this, it relies on a multidisciplinary team consisting of strategic/business and technical profiles.

With this program, Mediahuis is strengthening its ambitions in the field of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). The new platform will significantly improve the login experience in four countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg) for more than 30 brands within the Mediahuis group. With the new CIAM platform, Mediahuis will be investing in the coming years in improved security (including Multi-factor Authentication and bot detection), more login options (such
as social login), personalization, and it will also allow them to respond more quickly to changing legislation on data.

Koen Vandaele, Group CIO Mediahuis: "This program is one of our strategic projects that will greatly improve the digital user journey of our subscribers. We want to offer the login process as frictionless as possible and in doing so we want to better understand who our visitors are so that we can also think about new ways to offer our content."

Growing importance of the 'login experience'

The platform of choice was Auth0, a product unit within Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA), which provides authentication, authorization and secure access for consumer and SaaS applications. With billions of login transactions monitored monthly by Auth0, the increasingly crucial security of identities, and the expectations of users worldwide to have superior digital experiences, the importance of the login experience is growing significantly. Auth0's research also shows that companies that pay attention to CIAM can count on increased conversion and loyalty.

Vincent van Boxtel, Strategic Account Executive of Auth0: “We all recognize the frustration of abandoning a digital service because of a long registration form or having our credentials stolen. Login matters, and companies of all sizes across the Benelux region are considering identity and access management as a strategic investment for improving the customer experience across their digital footprint.”

Lieven Hermans, Account Cluster Lead North at AE: "AE is very proud to have been selected as a strategic partner together with Auth0. Our integrated approach has certainly made the difference. This program includes much more than the implementation of a piece of new technology, it also involves the necessary change and we pay the necessary attention to this."