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Realizing Your Competitive Potential: it's time to not only shift left but shift everywhere

Kristof Van Kriekingen
Kristof Van Kriekingen

Kristof's strengths are his curiosity to learn, adaptability and the determination to get a job done. His goal is to learn as much as he can by working in fast-paced environments with challenging projects to make use of his creative skill-set.

Quality is one of the most important factors of success in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. As we gear up to celebrate World Quality Week from November 6th to 10th, 2023, the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) invites us to explore the theme of "realizing your competitive potential." This global campaign highlights the critical role that quality management plays in ensuring organizations thrive and prosper in a highly competitive world.

The Importance of a Competitive Edge

In the relentless race for success in today's business landscape, having a competitive edge is a game-changer. It's not just a desire but an imperative for organizations striving to stay ahead of the curve. A competitive edge is the differentiator that sets companies apart from the competition.  

The quality of the product is very important, but the quality of all the things around it also, often forgotten... . By focusing on efficiency, customer satisfaction, adaptability, and risk mitigation and other things, quality management provides the tools necessary to thrive in an environment where change is constant, and innovation is paramount. Not only will your company scale, but your people will also grow alongside it.  

In the competitive world of business, a competitive edge is not a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the secret sauce that drives growth, innovation, and profitability. It's time to not only shift left but shift everywhere. 

Building Your Quality Culture and Capability

Building a quality culture and capability within your organization is not a one-time task but an ongoing journey that reaps numerous benefits. It starts with a commitment to excellence, where every team member understands the significance of quality in every aspect of their work.

This culture focusses on continuous improvement, innovation, and a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential issues. To complement this culture, organizations must also invest in the development of their quality capability. Even small and medium-sized companies can/should invest into an approach like this.

This includes equipping teams with the right tools, processes, and training to consistently deliver high-quality products and services. When quality becomes ingrained in the company's DNA and is supported by the necessary skills and resources, the result is improved customer satisfaction, greater competitiveness, and a stronger foundation for long-term success. 

What is your company contributing towards this goal? 

Facilitating Quality Capability

Our quality professionals at AE are the experts in their domain that organizations need to build and develop quality capabilities throughout their value chains. We play a pivotal role in helping companies compete and sustain their success. Our professionals offer invaluable support in various aspects, including:   

  • Product and Service Design: Our quality professionals can assist in creating products and services that not only meet industry standards but also exceed customer expectations. We ensure that your offerings are innovative, reliable, and of the highest quality.
  • Process Efficiency and Effectiveness: By analyzing and optimizing processes, our quality experts help organizations operate more efficiently, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.
  • Strategic Improvement Delivery: Quality management involves a systematic approach to problem-solving and improvement. Our quality professionals can guide organizations in devising and implementing effective strategies for growth and development.
  • People Engagement, Skills, and Behaviors: Building a culture of quality involves engaging employees, enhancing their skills, and fostering behaviors that align with the organization's quality goals. Our quality professionals can guide organizations in this transformation.


In conclusion, it's evident that quality management is the driving force behind the success and longevity of organizations in today's fiercely competitive world. A competitive edge is not just a desire but a necessity, and it hinges on a commitment to excellence, a proactive approach to quality, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. Building a quality culture and capability is not a one-time effort but an ongoing journey that reaps significant rewards. It's about equipping your teams with the tools, skills, and mindset necessary to consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

At AE, our quality professionals are dedicated to helping organizations in this journey. We understand the critical role quality plays in every aspect of business, from product design to process efficiency, strategic improvement, and people engagement. Quality is not just about the end product; it's about all the elements that contribute to it.  

Embrace it, nurture it, and watch your organization thrive and prosper in a highly competitive world. Your commitment to quality is your key to realizing your competitive potential. As I said before... it's time to not only shift left but shift everywhere.