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Expert story

Personalise your marketing strategy with Analytics

Analytics have become indispensable in a personalised marketing strategy. Convinced of the value of data and the insights it can bring, one of our customers in consumer goods called on us for the launch of a completely new product. With AE’s help, they succeeded in reaching their target group more efficiently and achieving impressive results.

A personalised marketing strategy

Since the customer aimed to promote their new product to two specific target groups,  hipsters and students, they started off with a market research to locate the trendiest areas in Belgium’s ten largest cities. Then they onboarded AE. AE consultant Ben de Wit gathered and analysed open data to identify additional interesting neighbourhoods: “In addition to the research provided, we wanted to include areas with barber shops in our analysis as they are typical hotspots for hipsters. For the students, we used universities and colleges as our focal point.”

Personalise your Marketing Strategy

The objective of the project was threefold: 

  • Geocode and locate distribution points in areas where the target groups are omnipresent
  • Enrich the internal CRM database with Open Data
  • Visualise the results on a map to facilitate targeted sales


Analytics offer endless possibilities

Nowadays, analytics play a major role in generating insights that help companies to offer personalised products and services. Moreover, the intelligent combination and integration of proprietary data with Open Data creates endless opportunities, says Ben de Wit: “With the help of Google Places and the usage of relevant key words, we drew up a list of barber shops. We then filtered that list and removed all inaccuracies. To locate the students, we used Open Data from universities and colleges across Belgium. Finally, we visualised the output on a map to clearly define what the hippest locations and hence the most effective distribution points  are today.”

 Personalise your Marketing Strategy

Results with great potential

Through analytics, we complemented our customer’s list of distribution points in a meaningful way and added a large amount of trendy locations they were not yet aware of. We identified interesting areas in smaller cities. Secondly, we linked all the focal areas to our customer’s client and prospect database. Finally, we ranked and scored the existing clients and prospects in light of the specific new offering, allowing the sales force to prioritize and sell more effectively.

We provided the client an interactive visualisation tool, which they used to present the results of the research and to guide the salesforce in their day-to-day work. Ultimately, the results of the research created added value for the marketing campaign. The numbers don’t lie: a hit rate of 61% in sales and distribution, way above their target of 55%, with a total presence in 1148 point of sales. Needless to say, they were very satisfied with the result of our collaboration:

We used an agency to locate hipster areas in a selected range of Belgian cities where they assumed the adoption rate for their new product to be high. AE finetuned as an analytics partner, the outcome, identified additional target areas based on relevant open data and matched these with our CRM data. This resulted in an interactive geo-map of the sales points with the highest potential – a perfect tool to guide and support the sales team.”  

One thing is clear: Analytics have a lot potential to give your business an extra boost exceeding the results of traditional reporting. Our experienced analytics team sees ample business challenges that they would love to tackle with you. Take the upper hand in the battle and pave the way for innovation.