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Expert story

Rest assured of a personal approach thanks to analytics

Gert Nelissen
Gert Nelissen

Looking at the bigger picture in a systemic way, Gert aims to have a sustainable end-to-end impact. With a growth mindset, he resolves inefficiencies in organisations, processes, data and IT architectures, so that full potential can be unlocked.

KBC is one of the largest bank-insurers in Belgium for both private individuals and medium-sized businesses. In order to strengthen their market position, and evolve towards a data-driven organisation, the bank wants to maximize the value from the available data.

With the evolution towards a data-driven organisation, the intensive use of commercial data and data analysis has developed into a strategic core-competency for KBC. Together with their business partners, they are building multiple new quality data layers (Commercial data, Risk data, etc.) which contain accurate and consistent data, are based on unambiguous definitions, comply with the new GDPR legislation and can be unlocked at the right moment, in the right form and via the right channel. These new Data Layers are developed on a Big Data platform with specific tools and technologies.The bank recruited the help of AE in order to convert the data that they are gathering into useful and practical insights for the internal services. The ultimate objectivel is to ensure a personalised approach for end-users of KBC. 

Starting up a Data Lake in a co-learning process

With more than 11 million customers spread across various countries, KBC sits on a tremendous amount of data. In order to process this information and apply it strategically to create value for its customers, the bank-insurer set about finding a strategic IT-partner to develop a sturdy architectural basis for this data project. AE was selected to build a scalable solution that could mobilise KBC’s data. What began with a preliminary assessment quickly grew into a co-creation project on which AE and KBC employers worked side-by-side. 


Our journey together, started with an assessment of the architecture: what did KBC’s ‘to be’ situation looked like? Through co-creation workshops, we worked with KBC on creating a step-by-step plan to achieve the predetermined objective. Once the roadmap was set, we started planning the practical realisation of the plan to develop a platform gathering all data and offering the possibility to be consulted easily by all internal services.  KBC opted for a Data Lake, rather than a Data Warehouse,  complemented by auxiliary tools, services and a framework. Supplementary services were developed to enable the internal services to activate and apply the data. 

We worked very closely with KBC on a co-learning project and ensured everyone was involved in the application of innovative techniques. Analysts and project managers joined the team of data specialists and developers. An ambitious data story does not come without its pitfalls however. GDPR regulation prevented us from simply using all of the gathered, available data equally. Almost on a weekly basis, new applications were introduced to the platform in order to align it with the new legislation. 

KBC Data Lake Analytics case


1. The Data Lake Platform
The Data Lake platform is an ongoing, continuously evolving project. Currently, internal services can already request cases in order to provide a customised solution based on real data from the end customer. The first cases are being built on the platform as we speak. Multiple options for further expansion have been identified, both in terms of use cases as in terms of internal services that could benefit from using the platform. 

2. Agile approach 
Throughout the project, AE helpedto introduce change and agile methodologies increasing cross-team collaboration through a new agile @ scale methodology. A challenging and still ongoing transition. 

3. Learning experience 
Both partners consider this an interesting and intense learning experience. It is a constant effort to gain expertise and insights into new technologies, develop sustainable, robust IT solutions and simultaneously create value for the internal business customers. At the same time, it’s about adapting to organisational changes with self-managing teams and a more integrated BUS and IT collaboration. An intense process  presenting a few steep learning curves though providing huge rewards.

The client has their say:

AE and its experienced team brought a great deal of expertise to this KBC project. The group incorporated varied profiles, each individually demonstrating high quality approach, a sense of ownership and good services. AE employees distinguish themselves by their attitude and approach.


They really want to help and collaborate, organise and manage in order to bring the company to a higher level. They cooperate on new solutions in order to resolve specific problem areas. They listen to your problems across the entire organisation, from account manager to technical profiles, they need few words to start thinking solution-oriented. Partnership is the key word for us; the close bond and intense collaboration that we have created with the consultancy organisation.