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Expert story

Tackling the top challenges IT-leaders face


At AE, we believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge and working together with our clients to create true business value. That's why we asked some of our experts to dive into some of the key challenges you may face as an IT-leader.

The result is a campaign containing a series of "Challenge" videos, featuring our experts, covering various topics that are more than likely top of mind for anyone with an IT role. Want to see which topics we've covered? 

Here's an overview of the topics we covered:

  • Let's talk data value
  • Seven enablers for transformation success
  • Design means business
  • How your ideal login solution combines user experience & security
  • Strengthening your human firewall
  • Leveraging the cloud to realize your business goals
  • Combining scalability with privacy
  • Why a solid CIAM strategy is crucial for your customer portal
  • Why you should be testing your edge cases

Interested to dive in?  Have a look at the Challenges page to watch the videos.


"The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again."