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Deliver to your clients a relevant and personalised service: an overview of the competences needed

In our latest AE Financial Services newsletter we elaborated on why we, at AE, are convinced that offering your clients a relevant and personalized experience is a key differentiator in the world of financial services. Do you agree? And so does the rest of your organization? 

Getting everybody on the same page around the necessity is one thing, putting it into action another. Your organization will need both the right knowledge and digital skills, and the right approach to make progress to achieve the goal. In this blog post, we dive deeper into the competences you need to make your personalization project succeed. 

It’s all about optimal use of the appropriate data 

Knowing who your client or prospect is, knowing what he wants now or might be interested in in the future and deliver a user-centric service: it all relies on data. Successful companies will be the ones good in capturing, collecting, structuring, combining, interpreting and using these data in the right way.  This entails a number of different disciplines and competences. 

Relevant and personalised interactions

1.  Map & execute your business & application architecture strategy 

The data useful to roll-out your personalization strategy is not limited to personal data. Geographical data, contextual data, behavioral data, … enrich your data set. Therefore, it’s indispensable to start with a clear view on the broad context of customer interactions and business processes. This view helps to identify the various touchpoints producing useful data before, during and after the delivery of the service. In order to provide an optimal service at the client touchpoints, relying upon a solid referential architectural model to implement the necessary services will demonstrate very useful.  You will need architecture to achieve a clean business and applicative landscape, integrated and connected with all systems generating customer insights.

2.  Deliver a superior customer and user experience  

Customers are more likely to share personal data with you if they feel it brings real value for them. And that value translates not only to monetary value. It will be equally knowledge, ease of usage and convenience that makes customers willing to engage deeper with your applications and share valuable information. With a smooth flow, you’ll slowly build trust, the key enabler in obtaining relevant data.

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Personalised, relevant  interactions with customers

3.  Embed data and information management in your organization 

Capturing data from the different customer interactions, touchpoints and processes will deliver you a vast amount of data, which you might want to enrich or complete with external open data. Cutting-edge modelling techniques manage and structure your data. In this way, you can efficiently use and combine various data sets to turn these into information.

Crunching data into actionable insights to understand your customer, predict, anticipate and respond his or her needs and service him or her in a highly personalized way, is the target ambition.   

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4.  Onboard knowledge and expertise around new technologies 

New technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning make it possible to truly interact in a personalized and meaningful way, with all your clients. This allows instant, time and location independent, bi-directional conversations and interactions at scale. Engaging into a meaningful client interaction through a chatbot, starts with understanding one’s need and intention based on voice, context, (past) behavior, … all relevant data turning the interaction into a superior experience and service. 

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The above is only a selection of the competences and solutions your personalization project will require. It will also require you to (re)organize in order to make the personalization approach sustainable. The co-act/co-create spirit of the AE consultants will help you to realize that change, aims at bringing the digital skill and maturity level within your organization to the next level and turn your projects into a success. 

In our next blog we’ll elaborate on a concrete approach to assess the maturity in personalization of your organization and what it takes to move up to the next level.

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