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Ready for the future: Lift up the online banking platform

In a digital world, technology never sleeps. Operating systems and processes from the past are no longer fit to support today's digital transformation. Conscious about this, our client, the Belgian branch of a large European bank, reached out to AE to help with a full technical re-write of its online banking platform. The project  was part of their broader international transformation programme and required aninitial version to run in production within 10 months time. Needless to say … a challenging deadline.

SOA structured approach with focus on security

In order to offer a solution which could support multiple channels (mobile, web, office...), a SOA landscape was set up. This initially took the form of a classic TIBCO ESB but, along the way, evolved towards a micro-service landscape linked to an API Gateway.  This SOA Architecture contains services and components that are easily reusable within our client's international or omnichannel setting and will support them through the entire transformation process in various countries.

Furthermore, given the importance of security in a banking environment, full attention was given to create a very secure web environment.  Based on our expertise in assessing and choosing the best fitted security solutions, we guided our client in identifying the perfect solution to fit their international setting.

The online banking application was developed as a Single Page Application (SPA), guaranteeing the end-users an much more dynamic experience, compared to the classic, static, page by page navigation typically used in previous online banking applications. This mobile app is typically referred to as a ‘hybrid’ app. The modifications resulted in a substantial increase in user-friendliness for their end users.

Update online banking platform

Risk Assessment Module

One particular functionality increased significantly the customer experience: the Risk Assessment Module. The module determines, based on the profile of the user at that particular moment,   which digital signatures are required for each step in the process. The nature of the process, the size of the amount and the online environment in which the customer acts, are all taken into account in the assessment. It allows users to move around the online environment with smoothly and frictionlessly, assured that important processes are properly secured.


With end-user centricity as the main driver, an important personalisation component was added. Measuring and capturing the user’s click-behaviour in the online banking app and on the website, intelligently combining this with the customer’s personal data, enables personalised content to be shown during the log-in/log-out process. An investor, for example, will get relevant to see investment opportunities.

Our fruitful collaboration led to an superior customer experience and increased customer satisfaction and retention.  AE contributed to a large extend in bringing the online banking platform to next level, focusing on increasing the usability of services and client interfaces across the various channels and countries.